Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It took over 111,111 generational "selections" to arrive at this "natural" selection.

Study: Three-horned Dinosaur Triceratops Took Two Million Years To Evolve

A new study published Monday concluded that the famous Triceratops - named and known for their three prominent horns - took around two million years of evolution to arrive at their signature form.
According to the 15-year study conducted by the researchers at the Montana State University, the Triceratops did not always have the magnificent set of horns they are so well known for. The dinosaur once had a longer beak and shorter horns, which over the course of over a million years of evolution developed into a more deadly display.

Year after year, researchers returned to the Hell Creek Formation in Montana where the largest specimen of Triceratops are found.

Scientists have long struggled to find the relationship between the triceratops prorsus, characterized by short beak and long nasal horn, and triceratops horridus whose main feature is a long beak and short nasal horn.

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