Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What's the rush?

Dinosaur discovered 155 years ago in Utah to be excavated

SALT LAKE CITY — Paleontologists are excavating the first dinosaur ever discovered in Utah — 155 years after a geologist discovered the skeleton of the mammoth plant-eater during an Army engineering survey of the West.
When geologist J.S. Newberry found the bones of the Dystrophaeus (dy-stroh-FAY-uhs) on the confluence of the Colorado and Green Rivers in 1859, he could only dig out a few and told others later there were more bones to be removed.
But that never happened until now.
The Museum of Moab obtained a grant to pay for the work.
Museum executive director John Foster says the bones found above a canyon south of Moab are the oldest sauropod dinosaur bones in North America.
Paleontologists say studying the bones will help them understand the origins of sauropods on the continent.

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