Sunday, July 20, 2014

Colorado-based paleontologists find new dinosaur species

A team of local paleontologists have discovered what's been referred to as the oldest known chasmosaurine ceratopsian in Canada (try saying that three times fast…).The 77 million-year-old Mercuriceratops Gemini was officially named in a German scientific journal, and was discovered by a team of paleontologists based out of the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Research Center.
The new to us (but otherwise very old) species is known from only two species of a unique skull forming a large frill on the back of the dinosaur's skull.
The first of those was found in Montana in 2007. The paleontologist who found it, Kraig Derstler, noticed that there was something different about the cheek-bone region of its skull, and he added question marks to his sketch.

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