Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dino bike!

Markus Moestue travels Norway on a self-built dinosaur bike

A mean machine like no other: Norwegian artist Markus Moestue has hand-crafted a dinosaur bicycle, fit to travel across Norway on a significant trip across the country. Using a traditional kitchen knife, the body of the beast has been sculpted from hand-carved styrofoam, shaving away layers until the accurate anatomy was achieved. Chiseling the head and body separately, Moestue formed the two parts to closely resemble the elongated, pointy head and sweeping, acute tail of a ravenous raptor. The base framework has been covered with epoxy glue and glass fiber coating, and painted vibrant orange and red tones. Details such as dripping saliva and razor-sharp teeth add a sense of realism to the mobile sculpture. Finally, the dino was fit onto the vehicle’s final frame, welded together from three different bicycle pieces.

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