Tuesday, December 30, 2014

13 of the biggest dinosaur discoveries in 2014

It’s been a big year for dinosaurs – quite literally when the new “biggest dinosaur ever” Dreadnoughtus was uncovered in South America.
We run through some of the top dino discoveries that have been challenging what we know about the scaly (and increasingly feathery) prehistoric beasts.

1. We found Europe’s biggest meat-eater

2. We also met the ‘chicken from hell’
3. Turns out that meat-eating dinosaurs could take some serious injuries
4. Introducing… ‘Pinocchio rex’
5. Diplodocus’s relatives survived the Jurassic Period
6. Pterosaurs nested in large colonies
7. Dinosaurs might have learned to fly before birds
8. The dinosaurs’ extinction was ‘colossal bad luck’

9. A load of desert pterosaurs were found in Brazil
10. Spinosaurus was in the water all the time
11. The largest-dinosaur record was broken (again) by Dreadnoughtus

12. We found out how ichthyosaurs wound up in the ocean
13. And we finally know what Deinocheirus looked like!

Read about all 13 here

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